Our History

Our History

Zinman Marche de Volailles

What once started as a simply humble, yet efficient butcher shop, the enterprise has since flourished into the meat Mecca of Montreal. Zinman Marche de Volailles opened its doors years ago, and through dedication, sacrifice, and attention to detail and quality, it has made its name widely recognized as the prime supplier of meat and poultry in the industry.

Although chicken is our specialty, we also offer a variety of meats and fowl. Our master butchers are more than happy to comply with any request you have: from roasts, to platters, and even exotic cuts of meat such as bison, elk, and moose.

Zinman offers its services in the wholesale industry as well, supplying restaurants, hotels, caterers, grocery stores, etc.

However, what separates Zinman from everyone else is the fact that our meat, pork and poultry is guaranteed to be hormone and water injection free. We take pride in the fact that all we have to offer is completely grain, or milk fed with absolutely no preservatives. We stand by our product and are happy to offer our loyal customers the very best, which they rightly deserve.